Film and shooting site

The cistercian Font Vive Abbey – once called Fontaine Vive Abbey-  is a historical site located in the Charente Périgourdine, offering outdoors and indoors fabulous possibilities ideal for audiovisual professionals.

Inner volumes have all fair ceiling heights superior to 3 meters high ; the inner light quality optimizes shooting and gives a large variety of sound for music and recording.

This special location concentrates in the same space gorgeous natural environnement and spacious indoors spots for many types of sceneries.

Font Vive Abbey gathers gardens, ponds, fontains and parks with great variety of flowers and trees.

The property is made of 38 ha of woods and fields  with many private paths ideal for natural sceneries shooting. Very close to Font Vive Abbey, there are ruins, a farm and many interesting  common spaces.

The cloister of the Abbey emerges as a perfect acoustic place : its sound properties amplify and beautify to perfection instruments.

Font Vive Abbey have appropriate means to make audiovisual makings : stocking spaces in as inner as well outdoors shelters, cloak room , various spots of connections for electricity, wi-fi and water heads.

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